Treatment for Seeing Black Spots

what do eye floaters look likeSo you have been seeing black spots and strange floating shapes in your vision.  Maybe these spots are especially noticeable after looking at bright lights or looking up at the sky on a clear day? Constantly seeing spots and having them wander across your vision can certainly get very annoying, distracting and stressful and you shouldn’t have to write it off as “just one of those things” that happens as your eyes age.

Surgical options for dealing with the spots involve DRAINING your eyes and replacing the “vitreous”, the main jelly-like part of the eye with synthetic fluid or shooting a laser at each tiny floater hoping to zap it away, but still not guaranteeing that more won’t just return.

Not only do these surgeries run you thousands of dollars, but they’re also dangerous. Can you imagine a GOOD way of draining all the fluid from your eye or shooting a laser at something the size of a speck of dust in your eye. Though these surgeries are available, a 100% safe and effective method of surgery hasn’t yet been developed. Thankfully there are methods available to deal with seeing black spots and eye floaters in your vision that are:

  • Safe and Natural
  • Eliminate black spots in your vision and prevent more from forming
  • Lead to improved vision
  • And can be performed at home, at work or just about anywhere

If you’re interested in finding out more about removing black spots from your vision and keeping them away in just a few weeks all the information is available here.

 If you have questions about the program, why it is effective and if it is right for you, please feel free to contact me through the contact form , at or by reading my story and review of the program. Remember when considering this program, that if the steps do not work for you, there is a 100% money back guarantee, so there is literally no risk to trying this solution! I am recommending it because it worked for me, if you want to read about me, you can here.

 What is Causing the Black Spots in My Vision?

what causes floaters
Those black or gray spots, sometimes called floaters, can take on many shapes and colors, from clear, squiggly lines to the black spots you’ve been experiencing. They occur as tiny clumps of cells from the tissue at the back of your eye wear down and break off, as the result of poor blood flow to the eyes or as the vitreous begins to shrink over time. This leaves them floating in the “vitreous fluid” the jelly like liquid that makes of the majority of the eye. As these clumps of cells move around they can sometimes come into our vision and are observed as black or gray spots. This is often more noticeable in bright conditions like outside on a sunny day, or when looking at a plain, even surface such as a wall.

This all happens as eyes age and happens to everyone, occurring more commonly the older you get. This can get very frustrating to constantly be seeing spots that won’t go away. Another cause of floaters that you should be aware of is a retinal tear. This is a serious condition that can have lasting repercussions if not treated. When a tear in the lining of the eye forms, an increased number of floaters will appear suddenly. It is very important to consult with a doctor in situations of a retinal tear.


What Treatments are Available for Eye Floaters?

Current medical experts view eye floaters with the absolute lowest priority. If you tell your doctor that you are suffering from floaters, unless you consistently push them over many months for a solution they will usually just dismiss your concerns. This is because the medical system we have today is surgery based and developed around using cookie cutter procedures that can be applied to everyone either as a pill or a medical procedure. The reason that doctors will not consider treatment for this condition is because their solutions are so risky, invasive and expensive.

vitrectomy surgery

How vitrectomy surgery is performed

These procedures are: Laser Disruption and Vitrectomy. In laser disruption, the floaters are targeted individually with a laser and destroyed. This is a newer procedure and actually quite useful, however it can be expensive and the problem may return in time. In a vitrectomy the eye is cut open, the fluid drained and then replaced with synthetic fluid. This is very, very dangerous, expensive and rarely done. Unless you are tested and found to have a retinal tear, a serious condition which could quickly lead to blindness, the procedures are elective. This is fine for most doctors and makes sense to them from a medical point of view, however few have experienced how frustrating constant eye floaters can be in everyday life.

I wasn’t interested in either of these options which led me to search the internet for the solution that brought me relief. The system is non-invasive, inexpensive and only takes a few minutes a week to solve the problem. Plus I really liked that it was natural and actually improved my eyes, much in the same way that going to the gym improves your body. I’ve been pleased with the treatment results for the past year being floater free.

 How Can I Keep My Eyes Healthy

Taking proper care of your eyes will not only help you keep your vision for longer, but it may have an impact on reducing the appearance of spots.  Here are some tips for keeping your eyes healthy.

  • You can learn the best way to eliminate black spots and floaters from your vision in just weeks without surgery and with no risk. This is the easiest system around and will quickly teach you to eliminate your eye floaters and help you see better than ever, all in just a few weeks. Find all the information you need here to get rid of spots
  •  seeing black spots luteinProper Nutrition – Eating a healthy diet rich in lutein, omega-3 fats and other vitamins and minerals has a big impact on keeping your eyes in top shape. In addition to helping your eyes stay healthy, you are less likely to be  overweight and develop type 2 diabetes, which happens to cause more adults to go blind than any other condition. A great way to get the proper nutrients is a diet rich in leafy greens, oily fish like salmon, eggs and nuts and citrus fruits. A supplement like a daily multivitamin which includes lutein is also a great way to make sure you’re getting what you need.


  • dry eyes dropsAvoid Dry Eyes – Your eyes can get dry, especially in hot or dusty environments or simply if you are prone to dry eyes, but the biggest cause of dry eyes is too much time in front of a computer screen. Concentrating on a computer screen causes you to blink significantly less than normal, leading to dryness. Make an effort to blink more when using a computer and take more short breaks to rest your eyes, the constant staring at the bright light of a screen can put serious strain on your eyes. A great solution so reduce eye stress is to use a program like F.lux which will moderate your computers brightness and seriously improve your eyes. You can keep eyedrops handy as well and use them if you ever feel the need.


  • seeing black spots glassesUse Protection – Exposure to the suns rays is a leading cause behind cataracts, macular degeneration and can bring on floaters. If you spend a lot of time in the sun use sunglasses that block UVA and UVB rays to keep your vision sharp and your eyes happy. Also on the subject of protection, avoid anything hitting or touching your eyes, such as in dusty areas or when working or playing sports. Wearing goggles or other eye protection can prevent an injury to your eyes which might easily lead to problems down the road. It only takes one injury to make a difference so be vigilant.

Many factors lead to the appearance of floaters including injury and aging. Check here for even more in-depth info on the issue.