20 Cool Contact Lenses (With Holiday and Cosplay Costume Ideas)

Contact lenses with cool patterns and designs are one of the best things to happen to costuming in recent memory. Gone are the days when zombies and witches went around sporting beautiful baby blues; now pure white, black, green and bloodshot looks grace all manner of costumed face. Even popular cartoon/anime characters fantastical eyes, like the Mangekyou Sharingan or Byakugan, are now possible with contacts.

Whether it is time to put the finishing touches on your costume design, celebrate the holidays or your country, or to spice up your every day with a subtle or dramatic looking change to your eye color, contact lenses are the way forward. In no particular order, check out this list of 30 of the coolest contacts below!

1 White UV Contact Lenses

white uv contact lenses



Perfect for enhancing zombies, skeletons or just giving a haunting effect, these UV contacts have the added bonus of glowing under UV light, making them perfect for clubbing, while keeping a normal white look during the day. Check them out here!

Great for – Skeleton, Zombie, Simpsons, Marilyn Manson


 2 Shamrock Contact Lenses

shamrock contact lensesHappy St. Patrick’s Day! Even if you aren’t Irish you can still harness a bit of luck for the celebrations by looking over the fun from 4 leaf clovers. Check them out here!

Great for – St. Patrick’s Day, Leprechaun




 3 Mangekyou Sharingan Contact Lenses

mangyeko sharingan contact lensesHarness the power of the Uchiha Clan from the Narutoverse and take things to the next level with sharingan contacts. These are some of the coolest and most intricate contacts there are with great detail work. Any fan knows that no Uchiha costume is complete without a pair of Sharingan. No matter whether you’re going for Ichigo, Madara, Itachi or their kin you need a pair. Check them out here!

Great for – Uchiha Clan Members from Naruto






4 Black and Silver Glimmer Contact Lenses

black and silver glitter contact lensesGlimmer lenses are great for enhancing your look. They make your eyes shimmer in the light and will show through a bit of your natural eye color. Perfect for a futuristic/robotic look or just for adding a bit of shine. Check them out here!

Great for – Wolves, Eyes that glow from the shadows, Robots, Future People





5 Cannabis Leaf Ring Contact Lenses

cannabis contact lensesWant to legalize it? Show your support and hide red eye at the same time! Of course if you do need to use your eye drops make sure you read the label to find out whether they are contact friendly or not. Check them out here!

Great for – 420, Pot Man, Supporting the cause





6 Optical Spiral Contact Lenses

optical-spiral-contact-lensesListen to my voice, you are getting sleepy, verrrrrry sleepy. Whoa snap out of it! Whether you are the master magician, or falling down the rabbit hole, spiral contacts add a cool effect to your look. Check them out here!

Great for – Magicians, Hypno, Hypnotoad victim, Mad Hatter, Ka in the Jungle Book






7 Total Blackout (Black Sclera) Contact Lenses

black sclera contact lensesThe sclera is the white part of your eye and these are about the most dramatic contacts you will find. The effect is totally creepy and absolutely MAKES so many costumes. Just think of the difference that having solid black eyes makes to so many horrifying movie characters, heck even the cutest and most innocent person with all black eyes is simply terrifying. Check them out here!

Great for – The Ring Girl, Aliens, Demonic possession, Vampires, Lucy from Misfits




8 Cat Eye Contact Lenses

cat eye contact lensesMost commonly referred to as cat eye lenses, these also make the perfect addition to snake, dragons and other amphibious lifeforms depending on the color. They’re also popular for every day use as they aren’t always noticed at first glance and often cause a double take, especially when worn in a natural color. Check them out here!

Great for – Dragons, Snakes, Lizardpeople, Khajiit, Charizard, Really cool eyes





9 Bionic Eye Contact Lenses

bionic eye contact lensesTarget acquired, lock on and fire when ready. Want that cyborg feel like you’ve got a built in HUD? This is one type of contact that works really well in just one eye. Bring up your data stream while leaving your other eye free to watch your surroundings. It really makes your costume a cut above. Check out the Bionic Eye

Great Uses – Cyborg (Humans with robot parts), Robots, The Six Million Dollar Man




10 Colored Mesh Contact Lenses

color mesh contact lensesThese lenses are similar to regular plain color contacts with the big difference being that they cover your pupil as well, giving you a different look. However, since you need your iris to see out of and you don’t want to be walking around blind, these contacts are a mesh rather than a solid color, letting you get the effect but still see. They look really cool but give block your vision just a little bit compared to regular lenses. You can get mesh contacts in lots of different colors.


Great for – Any costume where you want to change your eye color, Tron, Zombies



11 Playing Card Contact Lenses

heart contact lensesPlaying cards have some of the most classic and recognizable symbols there are and over the years many heroes and villains have made a deck of cards or one of the symbols their hallmark. These are cool in many different setups too, a single in one eye, two of the same or two different symbols; depending on your style can all make a big impact. Whether you want hearts in your eyes or a distinct wink you’ll get them here.

Great for – Queen of Hearts, a lovestruck fool, Setzer, Twisted Fate, Sailor Moon




 12 Fiery Eyes Contact Lenses

fiery contact lensesBring out that passion and kick by adding flames to your eyes and show off  a smoldering stare that burns me to my soul. If you want to get people hot under the collar with just a wink these will do the trick. These ones are quite versatile, so find your fiery eyed look here.

Great for – Darth Maul, Flame Princess/other fire elementals, werewolves/vampires, any number of devils and demons, Annie






13 Terminator Eyes with Mesh Pupils Contact Lenses

terminator contact lensesThese Terminator inspired contacts are a true marvel, merging traditional contacts which transform your cornea with the mesh iris which allows you to still see properly. The effect is phenomenal and as close to the real thing as you will find. Of course these don’t work just for the T-1000 and the like, but also other robot/cyborgs as well or if you just want to freak people out without revealing your exoskeleton. (Source)

Great for – Terminator,the Governator, No headpiece Cyborg, Mad Robot Pirate Captain




 14 Mirrored Silver Contact Lenses

mirrored silver contact lensesQuit looking around, I’m trying to check my makeup! A traditional solid color contact with a twist, the surface is mirrored silver which really reflects the light and gives your eyes a futuristic sparkle. The look will be most familiar from Vin Diesel’s portrayal of light sensitive badass Riddick and are perfect for recreating the look. (Source)

Great for – Riddick, Borg Queen, Aliens, Your favorite grey eyed anime character, Luna Lovegood






15 Snowflake Contact Lenses

snowflake-contact-lensesThese are a cool alternative for those icy characters and look a lot cooler than your standard blue eyes. Even if you have naturally blue eyes, few people have the piercing, icy blue stare that the movies and comics love to portray. These contacts can run the gamut from cute snowflake eyes to crazy killer ice power overload depending on what you’re going for. Check them out for your own snowy look.

Great for – Ice Climbers (Popo and Nana), Killer Frost, Mr. Freeze, Jack Frost, Ice Wizards, Any Winter Dressup, Caroling, Ashe, Sejuani, Ice type Pokemon





 16 Bloodshot Contact Lenses

bloodshot contact lensesThere are a couple ways you can go with your zombie eyes. Many love the white eyed, cataract look and the rest go for the bloodshot crazed and hungry undead. Of course these are good for more than just zombies, you might just want to pop them in after a long day at the office to convince your boss to stop asking you to stay late and work on those reports. Using these is better than staying up for 3 days to get real bloodshot eyes.

Great for – Zombies, Mad Vampires, Overworked Salaryman, Vladimir – the Crimson Reaper, Tatsumi Saiga





17 Hulk UV Green Contact Lenses

Hulk UV contact lensesYour incredible neighborhood Hulk is just not himself without a pair of piercing green eyes. When you feel that anger deep inside you and it’s time to Hulk out you’ll be glad you’ve got a set of these cool contact lenses to pop in and complete your transformation. Lou Ferrigno would be proud. I think these are the perfect fit for a Hulk costume being solid, glowing pools of emerald but if you want to go a different way you can also check out the green to yellow lenses perhaps for a Dr. Banner mid transformation.

Great for – THE INCREDIBLE HULK (green hulk anyway), She-Hulk, goblins, Leprechauns, Aliens, Fairies (remember these glow so the effect is really cool with some other uv paint on a costume)


18 Yellow Avatar Contact Lenses

Avatar Contact LensesAvatar was a real marvel of CGI and Hollywood mastery. Luckily changing your eye color with these cool contact lenses is very simple. The nice thing about these specific lenses over say, a normal pure yellow lens, is the color variation from the outside to the inside which gives a more natural, organic look which can sometimes throw off the look you might be going for. Get them here and make your eyes yellow without getting sick.

Great for – Na’vi from Avatar, Mystique, Vision, Nightcrawler, Electro, Edward Elric FMJ




19 National Flag Contact Lenses

union jack contact lensesShow your support for your country! Whether it be at national holidays, sporting event or just for a bit of fun these contacts will take your patriotism to the next level. Here’s an example of just one pair of flag lenses.

Great for – Holidays, Sports events, National superheroes ie. captain britain




20 Glamour Contact Lenses

blue glamour contact lensesOne thing that most costume worthy characters have in common is a certain level of beauty. Other than your Quasimodos and Gollums, most characters are really attractive and have a gorgeous smile with eyes that twinkle just that little bit. Glamour contacts have a barely noticeable  multispectrum of similar colors that come together in a very flattering way. They’re also very pretty, bright colors and if you need to change the color of your eyes anyway they’re a great way to do it. So feel free to add a splash of glamour any day of the week.

Great for – Changing your eye color for Anything!

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