About Me – Seeing Black Spots

SeeingBlackSpots.com is dedicated to keeping your eyes safe and healthy through good information. I’ll do my best to provide you all you need to know on:

  • Proper diet and vitamins for healthy eyes
  • Things you can do or stop doing to keep your eyes at their best
  • Getting the right eye protection for any situation
  • Recognizing eye problems like seeing black spots and finding the best solutions
  • Other info related to your eye health that you might want to know

Keep in mind that while we have great information for you here, this site doesn’t provide medical advice and isn’t a replacement for your doctor.


I’m Ron and I started this site because I have had a lot of eye issues over the years. I needed glasses for nearsightedness, have had injuries from sports and also suffered from floaters (which the sports injury didn’t help!) I have been to optometrists and ophthalmologists countless times and they have given me a lot of information that was very helpful and I found out a lot of things about my eyes. I did my best to keep notes, write down all the advice I got and keep any pamphlets for when I had questions.


As you might imagine, without any real filing system all this information was tough to use, and so I decided to digitize it. As I was pondering how best to do this, the thought came to me that I should not only put it in digital form, but I should put it online to assist anyone who needs the same kind of help that I did. Thus, SeeingBlackSpots.com was born. In addition to the information I had on hand, I’ve decided to do additional research too expand what I know and share here.

Additionally, I would like to share the programs I’ve been using to control my floaters (one of the things my doctors were not able to help me with) and improve my overall vision. These products are both sold through an affiliate system, and though I would love to share all the information about them freely on the site, I know that would not be fair to the programs creator, who put a lot of effort into finding these solutions and making it available.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about anything on the site, please get in touch with me through the contact form, or email me at hello@seeingblackspots.com

Thanks for stopping by!