retinal tear

Retinal Detachment/Tears – Everything You Need To Know

If you are worried you might be suffering from retinal issues, take it seriously and go see your doctor. Read on to find out about causes and symptoms of this condition. What is Retinal Detachment / Tear? The retina – not to be confused with the pupil or iris at the front of the eye […]

eye floaters no more review

My Personal Story and Eye Floaters No More Review

A Bit About Me First If you’re looking for just the review you can skip down to “The Review” When I first started noticing floaters in my vision in May 2013 I was only 28 and I had no idea what was going on. I’d had some problems with my eyes before but related more […]

cat eye contact lenses

20 Cool Contact Lenses (With Holiday and Cosplay Costume Ideas)

Contact lenses with cool patterns and designs are one of the best things to happen to costuming in recent memory. Gone are the days when zombies and witches went around sporting beautiful baby blues; now pure white, black, green and bloodshot looks grace all manner of costumed face. Even popular cartoon/anime characters fantastical eyes, like […]

rohto z pro eye drops review

Honest Rohto Eye Drops Review By A Real User

I first heard about the Rohto Brand when I was shopping around for the best thing to deal with red, tired eyes and got some samples from my doctor. Most of the time I am up and staring at a screen all day working and then all night as well, playing around or reading online. […]

what is lutein

What is Lutein

What is Lutein and How Can I Get It? Lutein is a pigment found in fruits and vegetables and responsible for giving a yellow or orange color. It is a carotenoid, which puts it in a group of over 600 pigments which are currently being studied for their health benefits. Obviously, lutein is found in […]

eye floaters treatment

Eye Floaters Treatment – Find a Real Eye Floaters Cure

How Can I Get Rid of Eye Floaters? Ask a doctor what you should do about your eye floaters and you will typically get the answer, “Nothing, you will just have to live with them, maybe they won’t seem so bad after a while.” Since there is no pill you can take or simple procedure […]

black spots in vision

Black Spots in Vision! Help!

Help I’m Seeing Spots If suddenly, you are seeing black spots floating in your vision, it can be pretty scary. You don’t know what’s going on and you don’t want anything messing with your eyes. If it becomes an ongoing problem, it can get very annoying to have black spots in view all the time, […]

baseball eye injury

Preventing Eye Injuries in Sports

Participating in sports can be a lot of fun, but there are also risks that need to be address so that the fun doesn’t turn to trauma. Thousands of eye injuries occur as a result of sports each year and the sad truth is many of them are preventable with the proper equipment. Any sport […]

vitamins for eyes

The Best Vitamins for Eyes – Now and For Your Future

You have questions about keeping your eyes healthy. What are the best eye supplements? How can I keep my eyes healthy as I age? What is lutein and what does it do? Eating right is a big part of staying healthy. You probably know a bit about proper nutrition in terms of how to “blast […]