Black Spots in Vision! Help!

Help I’m Seeing Spots

black spots in vision

An example of how floaters in your eye can impact your vision

If suddenly, you are seeing black spots floating in your vision, it can be pretty scary. You don’t know what’s going on and you don’t want anything messing with your eyes. If it becomes an ongoing problem, it can get very annoying to have black spots in view all the time, or even if they come and go, it is a problem that needs a solution.

You may have noticed black spots floating in your vision before, coming and going quickly, hardly a bother. However, when floaters become more common, staying in your vision for longer periods and appearing more often. It is time to do something. Speaking with your doctor is a good idea, as you may have a retinal tear which must be treated, but many times there just isn’t a solution and you’ll be told to just try and ignore them. Even if you do have a retinal tear or detachment, having it fixed will not remove the floaters already in your eyes.

What is the Cause of Black Spots in Vision?

Believe it or not, those spots in your eyes are pretty natural. Over time, the cells in your eye die off and are replenished. Sometimes cells will not be broken down properly and will clump together, becoming large enough that they actually become noticeable as grey spots, black lines or colorless squiggles floating in your vision. They can appear naturally over time and many times aren’t noticed, but sometimes they can build up to levels that get quite frustrating and distracting.

What is the Treatment for These Floaters in My Eyes?

Sometimes, if your symptoms are very, very bad an ophthalmologist may recommend VERY expensive elective surgical procedures to get rid of the floaters, usually involving blasting each individual floater with a powerful laser (Laser Vitreolysis) or sucking out the vitreous, the gel part of the eye, and replacing it with a synthetic fluid (Vitrectomy) . These may be two solution, though as with all surgeries there are the possibility of complications, both during and after, even retinal tears which are one of the most dangerous causes of those darned spots!

Luckily there are other options for dealing with these black spots in your eyes other than expensive and potentially dangerous surgeries or “just dealing with it” and living with constantly having floaters obscuring your vision. Using natural techniques you can actually help your body break down the black spots in your vision, stop the creation of more floaters and be totally rid of the problem without surgery.

If you’d like to find out, step-by-step, what you can do to eliminate black spots from your eyes naturally and in your own home, check out the system here. Simple things like how you sleep and getting more of certain vitamins and other substances can have a huge affect on getting rid of the dark spots plaguing your days.

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