My Personal Story and Eye Floaters No More Review

A Bit About Me First

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When I first started noticing floaters in my vision in May 2013 I was only 28 and I had no idea what was going on. I’d had some problems with my eyes before but related more to not being able to see properly, never anything like dark spots or the like. I was seeing my eye doctor every 3 months at this time to make sure that I wasn’t causing my problems to worsen and to stay healthy since I play rugby and getting knocked around is pretty common.

rugby head injury

As you can see, rugby can cause a few bumps to the head

Anyway, I talked to my doctor about it and she told me that eye floaters generally show up in people over 50 but that normally nothing was done about them as they aren’t life threatening and don’t cause blindness or other problems. She did tell me that I should come in for an exam that week to get tested for a retinal tear which IS a serious medical problem which results in floaters and can cause blindness if not treated. This is a big cause of floaters in people my age, however when I got tested there was no tear and I was safe from that, but still getting pretty annoyed by the constant squiggles in my vision. She suggested that I go home and wait a few months until my next exam to see if they cleared up on their own.

At my next exam I was ready for a solution, this was affecting my daily life pretty noticeably and I was getting fed up. My doctor gave me two options: First was a laser treatment and the second was eye surgery. The laser treatment was pretty safe and effective; however it was EXPENSIVE, around $800-$1000 per eye around me. As good as this sounded I simply wouldn’t be able to afford it. The second option, an eye surgery called a vitrectomy, was not only more expensive but came with a HIGH risk of complications which left me doubly out. I thanked the doc and went on my way feeling a bit dejected and considering ways to save up some cash.

When I got home I went on the internet to look into laser surgery for removing floaters but it was tough because most of the results were for laser corrective surgery. This was how I came across Eye Floaters No More.

As you may have guessed from earlier, I don’t spend my money lightly and so I wanted to know more about what the program was and if it actually worked so I looked for reviews. That turned out to be a bad idea. Most reviews out there read more like sales pitches from people who had never used the thing before and were poorly written. The one good thing to come out of it was that all the reviews mentioned the 60 day money back guarantee. Once I saw that a few times I decided I really had nothing to lose and a lot to gain if it worked, I sort of took a blind leap but I knew that I had a safety net and could just get my money back if it didn’t work. It was a lot cheaper than laser removal too.

The Eye Floaters No More Review and How It Actually Works

To start with what you get it a book and it is actually pretty long and boring with the real information practically at the end. After I read through this part I almost decided to go and get the refund right away. I was not big into the whole natural and herbal remedy which it turns out is the main thing, but I decided that I would do it anyway since it really was my only option and I just wouldn’t tell anyone I was doing it since I felt kind of silly.

Eye floaters no more review

I saw a lot of this kind of hype before I tried it

For 30 days I took blueberry extract, milk thistle and a few other supplements every day and washed my eyes with the recommended eye wash. It only took a few minutes which is one of the reasons I stuck with it. I say for 30 days because after 30 days, much to my surprise, things actually started getting better. Somehow the floaters were diminishing. I continued on for the next 30 days and things continued to progress. I would say things were 80% better maybe more.

My daily life was pretty much free of the problem I was once suffering from. I can’t say why things improved, only that they did. Now things aren’t perfect, if I am on the computer too long without a break (about an hour) I do notice things get worse. This is pretty easy to counter though by using f.lux and by taking breaks a bit more often to look away from the screen and blink a few times; I haven’t had a problem since I first noticed it.

I’ve continued taking most of the supplements because it is easy and is just part of my routine, but I only do the wash once or twice a week now, sometimes less. It doesn’t seem to make the floaters return and I may experiment with removing it however I REALLY do not want the problem to return which is why I have kept it up.

Now a bit about if I actually think you should go for it, but first here is a bit more on the subject. I talked with a few people online after things got better and there were some people I found who did not have success. I can’t say whether they didn’t follow the steps correctly or if something else is to blame but I want to say that this was my experience, the floaters were drastically reduced and I would absolutely do it again, however you may not get the same results. If that had been what happened to me I would have gotten my money back and you would have read a totally different review here. An extra harsh one I expect since I was not convinced at first that this would have any chance of working. So in the end, if you have $27 (If you see it for $37 DON’T GET IT, I learned after that you can actually get a discount for just $27 here) that you can spare for 60 days I would give this a go if you have a problem with floaters. The way I see it is you only have something to gain, and compared to $1600 (the lowest price for laser treatment on 2 eyes) it is a bargain.

PS. If you do decide to try this, send me an email ( hello@seeingblackspots.com ) or write a comment and let me know your results. I am curious to see how things work out for everyone.

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