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How Can I Get Rid of Eye Floaters?

eye floaters treatmentAsk a doctor what you should do about your eye floaters and you will typically get the answer, “Nothing, you will just have to live with them, maybe they won’t seem so bad after a while.” Since there is no pill you can take or simple procedure that a doctor can sell you, there is very little interest in an eye floaters treatment. Never mind that certain lifestyle changes and exercises can, in some people, totally cure floaters and stop them from returning, as that doesn’t seem to be the place for modern medicine.

Diseases like cancer and diabetes receive tons of funding and media attention (not a bad thing) because they affect so many people and are potentially life threatening. However not all medical issues get an equal shake when it comes to eliminating them from society. A problem like floaters is basically ignored since it isn’t fatal and isn’t as common a problem. For most people that is totally fine, but when you are a daily sufferer and your quality of life is being affected it becomes a different story. If you have enough money and are desperate enough you may find that there are doctors who can perform treatments.

#1 Surgical Eye Floaters Treatment

If you were to really press your doctor for a solution you could get the recommendation of surgery. A vitrectomy, which is a standard type of surgery involving making an incision in your eye and suctioning out all of the gel-like vitreous which makes up the inside of your eye.

Since eye floaters reside in the vitreous gel, removing the gel also removes the floaters, though this approach is kind of like using a sledgehammer to crack a walnut. It is way over the top and very dangerous, not to mention the cost in dollars and cents, which is very high as well, costing thousands of dollars.

The vitreous gel that was removed must then be replaced with a synthetic fluid (silicone oil or a gas) and the incision must be closed to restore normal eye pressure, but this isn’t without its own possible complications.

Side Effects of Floater Surgery

eye floaters cureA vitrectomy is one of the more dangerous procedures you can undergo as far as eye surgery is concerned and often has harsh side effects, many of which could result in blindness. Bleeding into the vitreous gel, retinal detachment, corneal edema and an infection INSIDE the eye are the most common side effects.

The most dangerous is retinal tearing or detachment, where the nerves of the retina detach from the back of the eye, which can result in blindness if left untreated. A retinal detachment usually results in a very high increase in the number of floaters that will be visible, in fact, this is sometimes the cause of floaters in the first place.

Unfortunately, this is also the treatment option necessary to repair a retinal tear or detachment, so if you did not have this issue before the surgery, the chances of it happening after are greatly increased. If you do have a retinal detachment or tear you may notice a large increase in the number and frequency of floaters as well as sudden flashes of light.

#2 YAG Laser

Most people are familiar with laser treatment for vision problems by now, but laser treatment is also available for dealing with eye floaters. In this procedure the laser (technically an Nd:YAG for neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet after the crystal used inside), called YAG for short is set up in front of one of your eyes. The doctor must then look through the lens and manually target each floater within your eye and blast it with the beam. It is an incredibly delicate procedure, however because of the use of a laser rather than a blade, the eye is never cut and it is fairly safe when performed by an experienced operator. The recovery time is also only a few hours.

Downside of YAG Laser Surgery

This treatment is far safer than traditional surgery but it is not without drawbacks.

  • Foremost is the cost. Depending on your location, prices may be anywhere from $800-$1500 PER EYE. That is $1600-$3000 total. After the price, there are some more setbacks to consider.
  • The laser is only able to target floaters of a certain size, if the doctor can’t safely see and target a floater then it can’t be removed.
  • This process also doesn’t not consider the initial cause of the floaters and it is possible that after time, the problem will simply come back, since there are no steps taken to prevent the formation of floaters or create a healthy eye.
  • Finally, whenever surgery is performed on the eye, whether traditional or laser, there is a slight increase in the chance of complications like glaucoma, cataracts, retinal tears and detachments and other issues. Granted the risk of this is quite low with the laser option, it is still there to be considered.

Alternatives to Surgery to Cure Eye Floaters

In the present day, the medical field only considers pharmaceuticals and surgeries as “cures” for health issues. If the problem can’t be controlled by popping a pill produced by a drug company or cut out in surgery it doesn’t meet the requirements.

Recently, however, more and more doctors are being trained to understand that diet and lifestyle changes can have a huge impact on disease. The reason that medicine doesn’t consider these real treatments is because they rely on YOU making changes to your life, rather than a doctor performing a procedure, or popping a little pill each day, you must make an effort each day to get better.

With a small amount of work however, serious diseases like diabetes, are controlled each day with lifestyle changes and the same may be possible for eye floaters. If you’ve read my story and review of the plan, you’ll know that I had this problem but was without the money to consider laser treatment (I never even considered traditional surgery). I used this low risk alternative cure to treat my floaters and I feel very blessed as I know that the treatment rate is not 100%, which is why your doctor will never endorse it.

If you’re interested in learning real techniques that will help you:

  • Eliminate Eye Floaters without Surgery
  • Prevent the Formation of Additional Floaters
  • Return Your Vision to the Best It Can Be

Check here to learn how to do it, safely, naturally and easily from your own home.

If you’re not sure yet and would like to know more, my experience and review is here.



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